A most eloquent thanatophobe

Richard Baxter‘s prolificacy, Dalrymple explains, was associated with his poor health.

Though he lived to a good age, he expected from quite early on to die shortly of his many complaints, real or imagined. The fear of imminent death spurred him on in his literary endeavours. [Baxter] inveighed against ‘Drunkards, Swearers, Fornicators, Scoffers at Godliness &c.’ He did not think much of my townspeople [of Bridgnorth], ‘a very ignorant, dead-hearted people’ full of ‘obdurateness’.

Screen Shot 2013-04-03 at 01.31.55

Residence (1640-41) of Baxter at St Leonard’s Close, Bridgnorth. He was assistant minister at the nearby church

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