The imprudence of the Financial Times

Screen Shot 2013-05-02 at 02.56.30The Financial Times, slave to political and economic fashion, voice of the effœte Western European and North American establishment, house journal of the plutocrats, is taken to task by Dalrymple over its tasteless How To Spend It supplement:

Lack of temperance calls forth vulgarity on an epic scale. How To Spend It is a magazine for people whose main difficulty is finding things expensive and luxurious enough. There seems no sense of limitation, of temperance, in its pages; nor, for that matter, of prudence.

In a situation in which

millions of people find it difficult to meet everyday expenses, it is surely not prudent to make it appear that the most important decision in life for a whole class of people already not supremely popular is which wristwatch costing €100,000 to buy: whether it should be the one that automatically tells you what the time is in Reykjavík to the nearest hundredth of a second when you are in Bujumbura, or the one that tells you what the time is to within a thousandth of a second when you are diving in the Caribbean.

Dalrymple adds:

I understand the anger when people see such things.

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