Nihilističkom, dekadentnom i samodestruktivnom ponašanju

The cause of Western misery: nihilistic, decadent and self-destructive behavior of people who do not know how to live. As Dalrymple has pointed out often, poverty does not explain this behaviour; in African slums there is greater decorum and dignity than is to be found anywhere in Europe, in any class but especially in the corrupt upper-middle class.

The situation is more keenly perceived in Croatia than in the country of Dalrymple’s birth. This should not surprise us.

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  • reakcionar  On May 20, 2013 at 13:30

    I’ve been to England only once. I was flying to Canada and had 12 hours to spend in London during a Friday night. The impression I got from was: there was a massive chemical warfare attack on the city that left the buildings undamaged, after which they imported the population from several 3rd world countries. Nowhere in western or eastern Europe have I seen such level of aggression, completely barbaric behavior, uncivilized manners. That’s my first and probably the last impression of the country of his birth. I can only imagine how it must look to an old gentleman who sees that country as his homeland.

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