The British: least attractive people in the world

Screen Shot 2015-06-26 at 14.57.09If anyone doubt this, let him visit, says Dalrymple, Manchester Airport, which

combines the worst of British architectural functionalism with practical dysfunction, the perfect marriage of abominable ugliness and incompetent design. It is a visual assault on the human soul.

In passing through security, Dalrymple runs into a group on their way to a stag party, all wearing, he says, If a woman says no, molest her! T-shirts. His comment:

A culture which produces young men who think it not only amusing to wear such a slogan, but right to travel to a foreign country wearing it, is a vile, crude and stupid one. This vileness, crudity and stupidity is not unselfconscious, it is the considered rejection of what is better in favour of what is worse. Vileness be thou my charm, crudity be thou my refinement, stupidity be thou my intelligence.

(The slogan on the T-shirts seems to be a version of the Spurs chant Van-Per-Sie, when a girl says no, molest her!, a popular taunt in the stands immediately after the footballer was accused of rape. Charges were later dropped when van Persie’s accuser admitted she had made the whole thing up.)

Next to Dalrymple in the queue,

dressed in the slovenly fashion in which almost all people dress, was a young man, none too clean. He was wearing a T-shirt advertising a rock group whose slogan was Corrupting minds. This was not satire; this was a political programme.

Once inside the departure lounge,

you could hear the sound of English males ‘enjoying’ themselves. They brayed drunkenly (it was 11 in the morning) not from joy but as a triumphant expression of their collective, unopposed power. The people at the airport were not members of the Lumpenproletariat, it was typical of the British population. Our leaders avert their gaze from the problem. The future is deservedly grim.

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