Dalrymple’s recollection of a brief conversation with Joe Slovo in 1992

Screen Shot 2013-12-17 at 02.43.10

Joe Slovo: limos, banquets and  flattery in Moscow

DALRYMPLE: During your many visits to the Soviet Union, have you not noticed one or two facts about it — the absence of goods in the shops, the lack of freedom, that sort of thing?

SLOVO: What you have to understand is that the Soviet Union has always supported the freedom struggle in South Africa and I’ve always been the honoured guest of the Central Committee of the Communist Party; I’ve always been driven in limousines from the airport to excellent accommodation, where I’ve been very well fed and watered.

DALRYMPLE: Might it not be a little foolish to recommend an entire socioeconomic system for South Africa on the experiential basis of flattery of your person and consumption of banquets?

SLOVO (feebly): Yes, I suppose it might be.

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