Where law ends tyranny begins

Screen Shot 2014-01-10 at 03.31.33By eroding the rule of law in large parts of our society, we are threatening the rule of law in the whole of society,

Dalrymple points out in this documentary (at 0 mins 30 secs). At the 18:38 point Dalrymple explains that

the first and most important cause of crime is the decision of the criminal to commit it. The idea that criminals lack self-esteem is preposterous: the problem is not that they lack self-esteem but that they have far too much of it. They have not been humiliated nearly enough.

And from 22:15 he reminds us that

the primary victims of crime are the poor. For the poor, life can be like a prison without warders. Living in a criminalised neighbourhood is a kind of life sentence. At night people are locked into their houses by the disorder outside. Their prison governor is the local psychopath or the local psychopath’s family. He imposes his will; there is no appeal.

Against the psychopath, states Dalrymple, must be brought to bear (46:55)

a force greater than himself.

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