Tertiary education and guerrilla movements

Screen Shot 2014-02-02 at 11.39.47Dalrymple makes the point that education ≠ duration of education. He cites Latin American guerrilla movements, which

were caused by the expansion of tertiary education, not by peasant discontent. The graduates found that the only work available to them was beneath their status as educated persons, a status that formerly would have entitled them to respect and an important position. Bitter disappointment and resentment were the consequence.

The equivalent in the West today is

the bureaucracy that administers politically correct regulations. In this way people who have gone to the considerable trouble of obtaining a tertiary education that is of value to them neither vocationally nor intellectually may avenge themselves upon an unjust world, though their anger can’t be assuaged, being the only thing that gives meaning to their lives.

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