How a faux-conservative apparat­chik speaks

The courage to address problems

The courage to address problems

Michael Gove, a British politician of the ‘Conservative’ party, pretends suddenly to have grasped what is plain to ordinary decent right-thinking people, namely, writes Dalrymple,

that the public anger directed at [a corrupt colleague of Gove’s] was a problem for the whole political class, which (together with its parasitic nomenklatura subclass), seems ever more dissociated from the rest of the population.

Gove recently made the following statement:

This is a judgment on the political class overall and Westminster overall. It is a warning to us to take these issues ­incredibly seriously and to recognise that there is a question of public trust in the political process and the capacity of politicians to police themselves which requires to be addressed.

Dalrymple’s comment:

Spoken like a true apparat­chik, always addressing problems but never solving them.

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