How Ukip appeals to those who seek a scapegoat for our discontents

The scapegoat is: foreigners.

When they are not coming to take our jobs, they are coming to take our unemployment benefits, ruining the country with their foreign ways in the process.

Dalrymple writes that Nigel Farage, the party’s leader,

is too intelligent not to see the reasons for the paradox of state-subsidised mass unemployment of the indigenous population concurrent with mass immigration of people to do unskilled labour: both lack of economic incentives for the local unemployed to work, and the superiority of the foreigners for the jobs anyway.

Though Britain spends nine times as much per head in real terms on education as it spent in 1950,

at least a fifth of our population is so badly educated that it cannot answer the telephone properly — a disadvantage in an increasingly service economy. But the degeneration of the electorate is not a vote-winner: better to concentrate, or appear to concentrate, on the wicked foreigner.

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  • Christopher  On April 19, 2015 at 14:29

    Mr Dalrymple’s observations here are accurate.
    His comment that Farage is “too intelligent not to see the reasons for the paradox” is reasonable but he does not allow, in this piece, for the contingency that the ‘immigrant’ strategy adopted by Ukip is perhaps the best, indeed only, one that will help bring about change.
    Once the hole in the hull is repaired i.e. control of borders realised, only then can attention be focused on other issues badly in need of improvement.
    Interestingly Mr D acknowledges attacks on Ukip from the bien pensant class in an observation about them being cast as lepers. The comment above, while not of the same order, appears to provide some succour to the enemies of Ukip.

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