Rules for political apparatchiks

Screen Shot 2014-05-31 at 02.33.42Inside the prison of political correctness, peopled as it is by characterless nonentities, you must abide, Dalrymple points out, by these rules:

  • Never say anything without consideration of its effect on the polls
  • Never say anything that might upset anyone too much
  • Never put truth above political expedience
  • Never make an (authentically funny) joke in case someone takes it badly

In many countries of Europe, Dalrymple writes,

there is the feeling that there is now a caste of professional political careerists notable for nothing except their avidity for office, whose only outstanding quality is their ambition, whose view of the world is that from the back of an official car, and who, whatever the apparent petty disagreements between themselves, are united by a class solidarity in their conflictual relations with the rest of the population, with whom they share very little: not their interests, not their culture, not their concerns, which they do not even take seriously.

When it comes to a general election in France and Britain,

the hold of the ‘traditional’ politicians, whose class solidarity is greater than any rivalry between them, will be maintained.

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