Europe, take your medicine

Screenshot 2020-01-26 at 08.01.18


The doctor-writer prescribes the following for the sick continent:

Get the government out of the way. Tackle welfarism, where many people are utterly dependent on the state and robbed of self-respect.

Halt the so-called European project, which is a vast pension fund for politicians who are thrown out of power in their own country. The European Union is fundamentally undemocratic; its policies are obstructive of productive work.

Win people back to civilisation. Intellectuals and politicians have for years incited hatred for Western culture, values and traditions. By destroying Western civilisation, the liberal élite is depriving ordinary people of their sense of belonging to something worthwhile. If we do not persuade people that there is something valuable in our culture and tradition – artistic, scientific, philosophical – it is hard to see how we can preserve ourselves.

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