British workers are the idlest in Europe

They still have some

They still have some

Foreign workers are better than British workers in every way

Employés from overseas, writes Dalrymple

  • have a much better attitude to their work than British workers
  • are better educated than British workers
  • before long will speak better English than British workers

He says that if he were an employer and knew only of two 24-year-old applicants for a job that one was a product of the failed British educational system and the other was Polish,

I would unhesitatingly opt for the Pole.

He points out that a system has been created in which, for British-born people at the lower end of the economic scale,

the difference between working and not working, at least from the purely economic point of view, is minimal. So while minimum wages are attractive to foreigners, they are unattractive to the British unemployed. You would not have to be Nostradamus to see potential for real political and social conflict here.

He draws attention to another factor: the rigidity of the housing market, in part created by housing subsidies.

Such subsidies are not easily transferable from one area to another, and so people in receipt of such a subsidy cannot (or rather have a negative incentive to) move to where the work is. Thus a labour shortage develops in one area of the country, and mass unemployment in another. One area is economically dynamic, another has the atmosphere of the Soviet Union under Brezhnev (except that there is a little more state-subsidised consumer choice, because the subsidies go ultimately to state-subsidised licensed traders such as supermarkets, betting shop chains, etc.). Thus everything is distorted and corrupted.

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