Dissatisfaction is the permanent condition of mankind

Screen Shot 2015-05-07 at 08.56.39Witch-doctoring, says Dalrymple (from 16:15),

can work for those who believe in witches and spirits.


there is no total explanation of the human condition. There is no theory that will release us from dissatisfaction.

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  • Kiljoy  On May 8, 2015 at 15:32

    Quite… that’s always important to bear in mind, however there has been some interesting developments, here’s a comment I made here https://www.thersa.org/discover/publications-and-articles/rsa-blogs/2013/02/the-divided-brain-can-we-agree-about-where-we-differ/?p=1#comments-section a couple of years back.

    “I’m going to try and put a dark, or perhaps even ‘bigoted’, turn on proceedings, perhaps hinting at, say, the likes of Galton and phrenology and eugenics and whatnot. Firstly here’s a few quotes:

    “As Hobbes said, words are wise men’s counters, but they are the money of fools.
    Unfortunately, the very foolish, fond old man, King Lear, does not attend to
    this: his vanity (a universal vice that will, no doubt, one day show up on
    brain scans) leads him to require extravagant declarations of love from his
    daughters, which he then takes to express their inner states.”

    Theodore Dalrymple, Diagnosing Lear

    “Was the face on the canvas viler than before? It seemed
    to him that it was unchanged, and yet his loathing of it was intensified. Gold
    hair, blue eyes, and rose-red lips–they all were there. It was simply the
    expression that had altered. That was horrible in its cruelty. Compared to what
    he saw in it of censure or rebuke, how shallow Basil’s reproaches about Sibyl
    Vane had been!– how shallow, and of what little account! His own soul was
    looking out at him from the canvas and calling him to judgement.”

    Oscar Wilde

    Revealed: The shocking invisible damage done
    to a woman’s face after 14 years of sunbed use

    Scan taken by pioneering UV scanner which shows
    damage in stark detail

    Shows face of Kelly Hughes, 30, who has used
    sunbeds since she was 16

    Experts hope campaign will highlight long-term
    risks of sunbeds

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/hea

    “It was an union that must have been to the advantage of both; by her ease and liveliness, his mind might have been softened, his manners improved, and from his judgment, information, and knowledge of the world, she must have received benefit of greater importance. But no such happy marriage could now teach the admiring multitude what connubial felicity really was. An union of a different tendency, and precluding the possibility of the other, was soon to be formed in their family.”

    An union of a different tendency eh? And why do we have such a vast financial deficit, crisis?

    “How Wickham and Lydia were to be supported in tolerable independence, she could not imagine. But how little of permanent happiness could belong to a couple who were only brought together because their passions were stronger than their virtue, she could easily conjecture.”

    Darcy might not be there to step in with financial assistance but the modern state is premised on little else, bastards!!

    Are you getting the gist? It may well be sentiments that McGilchrist would deplore but hey who has the luxury of not bearing grudges, and I say the unexamined grudge is not worth having.
    Frankly there has been much (though I’m considerably more relaxed these days) for which I want revenge. It’s an ugly word perhaps, but that’s really because people are generally so bad at it, maybe I should say closure; but I’m not.

    One such target of mine is basically ‘feminism’

    We might well sympathise with Helena

    “Bless our poor virginity from underminers and
    blowers up! Is there no military policy, how
    virgins might blow up men?“

    But I mean come on! Slutwalk?

    Feminism, it’s an ‘ism’ it has more to with ressentiment (I know, takes one to know one); why could not Maria Bertram play around like her dissolute brother Tom? Why did Marianne Dashwood have to settle for boring Colonel Brandon and not be able to play Willoughby at his own sordid game (bring on the Pill eh?); and lord knows, Willougby and Wickham are saints by todays lack of standards.

    What did the Fonz say to Mork regards sexual relations? “I don’t know how you guys got so far advanced, you know, I mean there’s no incentive”. Yeah, incentive, is that like the civilizing effect?
    Muhammad Yunus and the Grameen bank may have done much vital work to help women and their dependents but it seems trite and actually offensive and just plain wrong to describe it as feminism.

    Anyway, that’s just one target (LH likes targets), or aspect of the greater ‘sleepwalking toward the abyss’ as McGilchrist describes.

    McGilchrist’s book is profound and intriguing, that’s great, but how can it be used to expose Dorian’s picture? As it were. Making windows on mens souls? Hey, I don’t particularly wanna
    go there, I’ve gone to a lot of trouble in life to build bridges, form
    imaginative common ground, but of course people who’ve diminished themselves in the ‘pursuit of happiness’ i.e. pleasure, “lay waste their powers” needs must employ whatever psychic defenses, discount that which by comparison makes them feel bad about themselves. People, far too many, insist on behaving like freakin’ lemmings I’ll use virtually whatever non-violent
    tools are at my disposal.

    I think criticism of behavior I strongly disagree with might gain something from, say, being able to enumerate a list of symptoms associated with LH narcissistic (don’t know why
    McGilchrist should wish to dissociate that term) life trajectories.
    Prosopagnosia, Fregoli and Capgras syndromes, loss of proprioception, dissociation,
    asomatognosia, anosognosia, misoplegia, body dysmorphia, anorexia nervosa, perceptuomotor slowing, palinopsia, forced utilization bias, autism, schizophrenia, impoverished sense of metaphor, predilection for cliché, confabulation, a morbid obsession with sex etc, etc, etc.

    like that.”

  • Kiljoy  On May 8, 2015 at 15:52

    That was a bit of a muddle, both grammatically and conceptually… That should have been ‘regarding’ sexual relations, for example… and on that note, re incentive. It would appear that when Newton went to Cambridge he, who could doubtless be a difficult person, was somewhat alienated in no small way by the sexual impropriety of presumably quite a few would-be peers, associates.

    He reflected on what he concluded was basically the duty, or necessity, of chastity, that the secret was not to dwell on the virtue itself but to make a virtue of devoting oneself to… well, to his hobbies, essentially. Surely what Freud meant by sublimation.

    It is surely the case, if indeed said sexual impropriety was really such a feature of ‘social’ life at Cambridge, then women were almost certainly those most adversely affected. And yet supposedly some feminist academic had the audacity to describe the Principia as Newton’s Rape Manual. I intend to elaborate on this properly some day… It is so spectacularly representative of the evils of cultural Marxism etc.

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