Attributes of TV people

Dalrymple writes that he has found

those who work for TV broadcasting companies to be the most disagreeable people that I have ever encountered. I far preferred the criminals whom I encountered in my work as a prison doctor, who were more honest and upright than TV people.

In Dalrymple’s experience, TV people are

as lying, insincere, obsequious, unscrupulous, fickle, exploitative, shallow, cynical, untrustworthy, treacherous, dishonest, mercenary, low, and untruthful a group of people as is to be found on the face of this Earth.


make the average Western politician seem like a moral giant. By comparison with them, Mr Madoff was a model of probity and Iago was Othello’s best friend. There is something about the evil little screen that would sully a saint and sanctify a monster.

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  • Mark Gillard  On January 31, 2016 at 12:23

    I don’t remember you describing ANY criminal in your books as in the slightest honest and upright. I’ve taught in prisons and some of them I liked very much. No doubt you’ll put that down to gullibility.  I like your writing very much. A PROPER Conservative who seems to understand Marx. All power to your pen Anthony.  Best Wishes, Mark Gillard  I write from China by the way. 

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