Notes on Freud

Screen Shot 2016-02-07 at 10.07.22Sigmund Freud, writes Dalrymple,

was to human self-understanding what Piltdown Man was to physical anthropology.

Dalrymple lists some of Freud’s attributes. The ‘father of psychoanalysis’ was

  • a habitual liar who falsified evidence in that way that Henry Ford made cars
  • a plagiarist who not only did not acknowledge, but actively denied, the sources of his ideas
  • credulous of evident absurdities, as his relations with Wilhelm Fließ prove
  • a self-aggrandising mythologist
  • a shameless manipulator of people
  • financially grasping and unscrupulous
  • the founder of a doctrinaire sect
  • a searcher-out and avenger of heresy who would brook no opposition or competition — he called down anathema on infidels as intolerantly as Mohammed
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