Enigma of the Donald’s hair

img_2958Dalrymple addresses one of the most pressing questions of the day, namely

the nature of Donald Trump’s hair.

He asks:

Is it real, is it natural, is it implanted, is it a toupée, what exactly is it?

He consults a barber, who indicates that

in all his career he had never seen anything remotely like it. He did not believe that it had come about by any of the usual ways of cultivating or dressing hair.

Dalrymple’s view is that the Donald’s coiffure is

so bad, it’s good.

Trump’s hair is his

logo, as recognisable as that of, say, Coca-Cola. He is instantly identifiable even from a photo taken of the back or top of his head, without any other context or visual clue.

No one

goes to a barber’s and discusses Marco Rubio’s or Bernie Sanders’ hair, though I suppose you might discuss Mrs Clinton’s face in a plastic surgery clinic.

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