Scary without Mary

Screen Shot 2016-03-22 at 14.30.18We must guard against abuse of authority

The rule of law, writes Dalrymple,

is a fragile construction, easily abandoned in times of crisis or high emotion. This makes defence of it the more imperative.

Dalrymple makes a point that, though self-evident to most civilised people, is apparently not grasped by some media commentators, namely that Sven Mary, Salah Abdeslam’s lawyer,

should not be decried for defending his client as best he can.

At the risk of labouring the obvious, Dalrymple points out that under the rule of law,

every accused has the right to a defence, and someone has to be Abdeslam’s lawyer.

Dalrymple reports that Mary himself made this important point:

What motivates me is the fight against arbitrariness and abuse of power. You remember the press conferences given live by the federal prosecution in the days, and even in the nights, that followed the Paris attacks? What sickened me was this way of using fear in order to obtain more power.

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