They tremble in Molenbeek

Lucid: Eric Delbecque

Lucid: Eric Delbecque

Picking up a copy of the Paris newspaper the Monde, Dalrymple comes across a lucid article by Eric Delbecque, who is described as head of the pôle intelligence stratégique de Sifaris and a member of the conseil scientifique du Conseil supérieur de la formation et de la recherche stratégiques.

Dalrymple draws attention to the following passage in Delbecque’s article:

Témoigner de notre soutien sans faille à la Belgique et demeurer lucide dans ce combat de long terme sont nos priorités. Notre arme? Changer enfin de posture mentale dans la lutte antiterroriste et penser autrement: vaste programme.

Dalrymple comments:

So now you know. I bet they’re terrified down in Molenbeek. Henceforth the infidels are going to think differently. From now on they’re going to be lucid. If we don’t look out, they’ll withdraw our citizenship from us after we’ve blown ourselves up—like they almost did in France before the parliamentary opposition to the bill.

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