Sorry Britain, wrong answer

Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 21.26.13Dalrymple writes that as soon as it became clear that, like bad pupils in a multiple-choice exam, the British population

had got the answer wrong in the referendum, it was only too predictable that efforts would be made to nullify the results.

A petition to have a second referendum

took five days to obtain three million signatories, including from 39,000 alleged residents of the Vatican City (popul­ation 800).

Those who argue for another referendum

claim that those who voted for the Brexit did not really know what they voted for, regret the financial turmoil they have caused, and would vote differently tomorrow. (There will be no day-after-tomorrow if they get the ­answer right.)

But, Dalrymple notes, no one could have missed the warnings of financial turmoil in the event of a vote for exit. Indeed,

they voted for an exit despite the warnings, possibly because they apprehended that the ­so-called European project is a recipe for unreformable bureaucratic dictatorship.

Tony Blair

has said that now that the consequences of the vote are clear, there should be another referendum immediately. For this flea-brained man, four days is an historical epoch.

The élite,

persuaded of its ineffable ­wisdom and transcendent right to rule the country,

is strongly tempted

to annul the result because it doesn’t like it.

Dalrymple points out that if the results are annulled,

as they very well may be, many of those who voted for exit will feel even more despised and sidelined than they do already. Many no doubt will decline into apathy, but some may resort to direct action, meaning violence: for it is true that some of those who voted for the Brexit were motivated by the crudest resentments.

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