A touch of the leukæmia

screen-shot-2016-09-25-at-07-39-04Keep taking the hæmorrhoid tablets

Finding himself in Bangkok, Dalrymple goes out for a night on the town. He is in the company of a salesman he met on the plane.

We left the hotel. Before we started on our erotic adventures, however, my companion wanted to find a pharmacy. He had hæmorrhoids. ‘They’re hurting like hell,’ he said. ‘I want pills, not suppositories.’ I was unaware that there were any pills for hæmorrhoids.

We found a street pharmacist where every medicament was freely available over the counter, even powerful anti-cancer drugs. These were for when people felt they had a touch of leukæmia. My monopolist professional feelings were outraged. If people could buy any medicine they liked, what need of doctors?

My companion was offered two kinds of pill, both from Germany. The latest thing, said the pharmacist. ‘Which do you recommend?’ my companion asked me. I had seen neither of them before. ‘This one,’ I said firmly.


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