Visit to a Bangkok massage parlour

Like trout in a tankIt was, writes Dalrymple,

a narrow, barely lit room with a one-way window through which we could see but not be seen. Behind the window was an amphitheatre, on which sat a hundred naked Thai girls, waiting to be picked by customers like trout in a tank. Businessmen — Germans mostly — in expensive suits lingered over their choice, leaning on a railing close to the window.

As though it were the reading room of a club‘Jeeze, look at that one,’ exclaimed my companion, sweating profusely in spite of the icy air-conditioning. ‘She’s nice.’ He put his elbows into my ribs. ‘Don’t you agree?’ It was difficult to know about whom he was talking. ‘The one with the big tits!’ He pointed frantically.

The businessmen looked at him angrily, as though this were the reading room of a club.


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