Speaking power to truth

Political correctness is not a neurodegenerative disease, the doctor explains,

but it might as well be, so devastating is its effect on intellection. It appears to be infective, spreading from brain to brain. It is more like a form of chronic mass hysteria.

A little like our economic system, it must be forever expanding to survive.

The capitalist system, Dalrymple reminds us, must

stimulate new desires in consumers and make those desires as quickly as possible seem like needs, without the satisfaction of which life is rendered impossible.

Similarly, political correctness,

to extend its soft-totalitarian hold over the population, must discover new injustices to set right — by a mixture of censorship, language reform, and legal privileges for minorities. The meaning of life for the politically correct is political agitation.

Dalrymple points out that the greater the violation of common sense, the better.

It is like communist propaganda of old: the greater the disparity between the claims of that propaganda and the everyday experience of those at whom it is directed, the greater the humiliation suffered by the latter — especially when they were obliged to repeat it, thus destroying their ability to resist, even in the secret corners of their heart.

That is why the politically correct

insist that everyone use their language: unlike what the Press is supposed to do, the politically correct speak power to truth.

All that is necessary for humbug to triumph is for honest men to say nothing

The politically correct, Dalrymple notes,

never seem to become bored with their thoughts. This leads to a dilemma for those who oppose political correctness, for to be constantly arguing against bores is to become a bore oneself. On the other hand, not to argue against them is to let them win by default. To argue against rubbish is to immerse oneself in rubbish; not to argue against rubbish is to allow it to triumph.

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  • Anonymous  On March 14, 2017 at 21:31

    Marxism spreads and mutates like a virus. It started from labor vs. capital, then mutated to culture vs. gender, race, religion, and sexuality. Now it’s culture vs. gender identity, race, religion, sexuality, sexual identity, age, ability, and nationality. Marxism always infects the young first, through the entertainment industry, then spreads to academia and media. After it has infected those institutions, it begins to infect government. This is the stage we’re at now.
    Censorship of dissent is creating a pressure-cooker effect whereby anyone who objects to the damage caused by the Marxism virus is declared to be an ‘-ist’ or ‘-phobic’, then thrown in a pot of social ostracism, and shut inside by censorship. Steadily the pressure builds as each new terrorist attack, rape, race riot, hate-crime hoax, child molestation etc. adds more fuel to the fire beneath the pressure cooker. Meanwhile Hollywood, academia, and media continue pouring gasoline on the fire. The worst part is, after the pressure-cooker inevitably explodes and releases its restrained fury, the Marxists will simply say “See. We told you they were all bad. That’s why we had to put them in the pot.”

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