Europe’s death-wish

Dalrymple notes that in Western Europe today there are

large populations whose loyalty to, or even absence of hatred for, the host country cannot be assumed, and whose integration into that country’s society has been actively retarded and opposed by the doctrines of multiculturalism.

You have only to see, he says,

a group of men from the North-West Frontier gathering outside a Victorian terraced house in Bradford converted into a mosque, whose only obvious concession to Occidentalism is the wearing of Nike shoes and the possession of a mobile phone, to wonder what exactly they believe, think, and preach.

He points out that this population,

in the name of certain abstractions and shibboleths, is able constantly to replenish itself with new migrants, so that the need to integrate never arises: a huge ghetto, potentially hostile, is created that is self-sustaining.

Such a society

suffers from a death-wish, composed of an admixture of self-hatred and over-confidence that it is so unshakably strong that nothing can destroy or seriously undermine it.

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