The darlings! They kill almost apologetically

Dalrymple writes that his house in the Ardèche

is in an area ripe for colonisation by wolves. There are few people, but many boar and deer. I ask myself, ‘Do I want the wolves to come?’

His answer is yes.

They have such intelligent, dog-like faces, and I would be thrilled by the idea that there were wild animals all around. I want to hear them howl at night while I am tucked up in bed. And I would love to see some fluffy wolf-cubs gambolling in the meadow at the back of my house.

This is despite the fact that, as Dalrymple points out,

there have been 3,000 recorded attacks on Man by wolves in France, though many of them at a time when the standard of reportorial accuracy was below that of White House reportage today.

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