Britain, nation of pædophiles

In England, writes Dalrymple,

pædophilia is treated in much of the Press as uniquely horrible.


fear and hatred of the crime exists in proportion to the licentiousness that creates the conditions in which it is most likely to occur.

When mobs stone pædophiles in police vans,

they are expressing anger not at the monster inside, but at their debased and degraded way of life which they know to be wrong.

Hand in hand with the exaggerated fear of pædophilia is

the ever greater, ever earlier, sexualisation of children. Magazines and books for children increasingly make sex and sexual experience the measure of all things.

Dalrymple recounts that a teacher told him how he had one day to comfort a child of seven

who had been horribly taunted and insulted by a classmate, who had called him a virgin. ‘What is a virgin?’ asked the teacher. ‘I don’t know,’ replied the child. ‘But I know it’s something horrible.’

Parents happily and proudly

put televisions and videos in their children’s rooms – and innocence of any description cannot long survive a diet of contemporary television, or indeed of contemporary advertising hoardings or pop music.

Dalrymple notes:

Both the dishonest execration in which pædophiles are held and the unprincipled sexualisation of childhood suggest that the British are a nation of pædophiles who, with good reason, despise themselves.

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