Rap is to music what a vulture is to a nightingale

Rap, writes Dalrymple, is the ‘music’

of resentment, not of protest.

In its nihilistic coarseness, its incitement to race war, and its incantations to self-pity as a justification for gross criminality,

the intention and effect is to provide a justification in advance for impulsive, self-destructive and violent behaviour.

Rap celebrates

the self-indulgent pleasures of angry self-righteousness and total self-exculpation.

Its lyrics convey

a thwarted sense of entitlement used as justification for armed robbery and crime conceived of as rightful restitution.


who sell and promote it to a population already susceptible to its decerebrate message are far worse than mere prostitutes.

But even without its psychologically extremely harmful effect,

even if it could be shown that it had no such effect, it would still be unutterably disgusting in its crudity. That people should use their freedom of expression for this! It is enough to make one long for censorship: the censorship under which most of the greatest art has been produced.

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  • Hans Brandstatter  On January 12, 2018 at 21:29

    I would have summed up ” rap ” slightly differently. However, the assessment is spot on ! Without any psychological qualifications of my own, I though of a rather shorter description of this irritating background noise, even before it became common coinage : The only thing missing is to put a capital C before it’s name !

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