Bayoncée’s world-historical importance

Dalrymple reports that the musicology department of Copenhagen University is to offer a course on the ‘music’ of Bayoncie.

To judge, he notes, by the number of Google entries devoted to this fourth-rate popular singer, she is 25% more important than Hitler and three times more important than Lenin.

He comments:

Philosophical relativism, the denial that there is any objective basis for judgments of worth, has become almost an orthodoxy in humanities departments. And if there is no real difference between good and bad, why go to the trouble of studying the difficult when the easy is just as good?

He notes another trend,

the commercial imperative under which universities operate. To put it crudely (and as academics often put it themselves), they need bums on seats. What better way to get them there than to ‘study’, as if academically, what the students already know and like, and to flatter them into believing that their taste is impeccable?

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