Parole is disgraceful in theory and unworkable in practice

Justice should not be handed over to psychologists, social workers, or psychiatrists

The only thing parole is good for, writes Dalrymple, is

the employment of large numbers of officials engaged in pointless or fatuous tasks who might otherwise be unemployed.

The parole system is

inimical to the rule of law. To grant or withhold liberty on the basis of speculations, inevitably inaccurate, about what people might or might not do in the future is to reinstitute what amounts to a star chamber. A man is to be punished for what he has done beyond reasonable doubt, not for what some questionnaire or bogus calculation says he has a 70% chance of doing at some time in the future.

For this gross arbitrariness be avoided,

all sentences should be of a fixed length. If they are too short, so be it: they should be lengthened in future for similar crimes.

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