Trump anxiety disorder

In the trenches: Jennifer Contarino Panning, Psy.D.

Safe place to discuss troubled feelings

Leafing through The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump (2017), Dalrymple comes across a chapter titled ‘Trump anxiety disorder: the Trump effect on the mental health of half the nation and special populations’, by Jennifer Contarino Panning, Psy.D. Panning explains that her experience derives from psychotherapy ‘clients’ in Evanston, Illinois,

a suburban, liberal, higher-socioeconomic status, and educated suburb . . . a college town, home to Northwestern University, with much of its sixty-five thousand residents comprising professionals who work at Northwestern . . . Most notably, the clients who came in the day after the election were still in disbelief. As their therapist, I concentrated on validating, normalizing and maintaining a safe place for them to discuss their troubled feelings. We also discussed basic self-care, such as getting enough sleep, eating healthy meals, connecting with friends and family, and limiting consumption of election news stories.

Importance of bowel regulation

The liberal élite exposed: the book inadvertently helps to explain the rise of Trumpism

Dalrymple notes that if his grandmother were still alive,

she would have stressed the importance of keeping the bowels regular too, preferably by a weekly dose of castor oil.

In the trenches

Panning says that her work

helped me not to feel as helpless; being ‘in the trenches’ with clients was a way to feel productive.

Dalrymple comments:

In the trenches! And these people dare to accuse Mr Trump of not being able to distinguish paranoid fantasy from reality!

In another article in the book,

a therapist draws a comparison between a woman abused by a jealous and violent partner and the population of the United States and Mr Trump. She means her analogy to be taken seriously and almost literally, not merely metaphorically. She seems not to realise how demeaning and insulting this is both to the population (particularly those actually abused by their partners) and the country’s traditions and history.

Rise of Trumpism

The book, says Dalrymple,

inadvertently helps to explain the rise of Trumpism. With a liberal élite like this, is it any wonder that a man should come forward who thinks that an offence given it is a blow struck for liberty and good sense? This book gives the liberal élite away.

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