Student dimwits of May 1968

The productions, writes Dalrymple, were of an

extremely low intellectual level.

There were

false equivalences between de Gaulle and the CRS on the one hand and Hitler and the SS on the other.

The sloganeering was

pitiful, expressed mainly in langue de bois, with nothing for Brezhnev’s speechwriters to envy. For example, ‘To work now is to work with a pistol in the back’, or ‘Everyone united against Gaullist provocation.’

The young idiots, Dalrymple points out, were militantly conformist, and

there is no one as conformist and shallow as a student in revolt.

And the art students of the time showed

feeble graphic abilities. It suggests that the undermining of culture had begun well before May 1968, and was not caused by it.

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