Had they never heard of coffee enemas?

Dalrymple lists a few of the products discussed in the British Medical Association’s Secret Remedies (1909) and More Secret Remedies (1912):

  • Figuroids
  • Fell’s Reducing Treatment
  • Fenning’s Children’s Cooling Powders
  • Corpulin
  • Chameleon Oil
  • Alfred Cromton’s Specific for Deafness
  • Pomies’ Anti-Cataract Mixture
  • Antidipso
  • Dipsocure
  • The Teetolia Treatment
  • Dr Martin’s Miracletts
  • Mother Siegel’s Curative Syrup
  • Burgess’s Lion Ointment
  • Dr Van Vleck’s Complete Absorptive Pile Treatment
  • Zam-Buk
  • Professor O. Phelps Brown’s Vervain Restorative Assimilant
  • Whelpton’s Purifying Pills
  • Carter’s Little Liver Pills
  • J. Gilbert Dale’s Imperatine
  • Jefferson Dodd’s Corrective
  • Nurse Hammond’s Improved Remedies
  • Mrs Stafford-Brookes’ Pelloids
  • Baring-Gould’s Anti-Rheumatic Pearls
  • Zox
  • Oquit
  • Bishop’s Gout Varalettes
  • Fitzcure
  • Dr Niblett’s Vital Renewer
  • Ozonia
  • Box’s Pills
  • Golden Fire
  • Rice’s Treatment for Rupture
  • Fitch’s Kidney and Liver-Cooler
  • Dr Var’s Kidney Pills
  • Pastor Felke’s Honey Cod Liver Oil

He comments:

How strange our ancestors were, how credulous. Had they never heard of real remedies, such as Hopi ear candles?

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