‘Resistance’ is absurd, also dangerous

It is not necessary to be an unqualified admirer of Donald Trump, writes Dalrymple,

to know that comparisons of him with Adolf Hitler, which are not infrequent, are absurd.

It ascribes to him a degree of importance that he does not have.

You could only compare Mr Trump to Hitler if you had absolutely no faith in the American political system, and if you thought every last provision in the Constitution for restraints on power had been vitiated.

The word ‘resistance’, says Dalrymple,

is likewise absurd, but also dangerous. One opposes politicians, but one resists dictators. If the word ‘resistance’ is used for opposition to Mr Trump, then the impression is given, and presumably is intended to be given, that he is a dictator: and against a dictator, actions may justifiably be taken that are not justified against an ordinary politician.

The habit of using the word ‘resistance’ to mean opposition to policies that you don’t like

can become entrenched and will not remain confined to one’s own faction alone. Resistance sanctions violence, and so a society can tear itself apart without having experienced anything remotely to justify, or even explain, it.

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