Thirst for entertainment is a symptom of boredom

‘For that sovereign people that once gave away military command, consulships, legions, and every thing, now bridles its desires, and limits its anxious longings to two things only—bread, and the games of the circus!’ (Satire X)

Dalrymple points out that modern education

lays emphasis on the relevance of what is taught to children’s present lives rather than, as it should be, on its irrelevance.

It is partly to blame for

the very large numbers of people who cannot lose themselves, and are left to the vagaries of entertainment provided for them under our current régime of bread and circuses.


is one of the greatest causes of boredom, inasmuch as everyday reality can rarely compete in raw sensation with entertainment. But since dealing with everyday reality remains a necessity for most people, it results in boredom because it is compared with entertainment. Only a deeper engagement with the world can avoid or overcome this problem.

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  • Robert  On November 11, 2018 at 22:07

    So “Thirst for entertainment …” and “Society for the Suppresion of Self-Esteem” are both the same article taken from the internet source: “Takimag” with the title there being, “All About Me: Lose Yourself”.
    I am new to this blog and grateful for it but am trying to clarify what it presents. It seems these are articles Dalrymple writes for various sources which are then referenced by short quotes on this blog. One can click on a internet link to get to the article. In this case the two citations lead to the same article i.e., in this case the same article is referenced for two sets of ideas, “Thirst for entertainment…” and “Suppresion of Self Esteem…”
    I guess then I can look forward to this blog to recover from the internet ether TD’s recent writings. Thank you for that!

    Can anyone tell me why “Nothing But Wickedness” was never published in America? I registered for the purchase of it on Amazon but Amazon suddenly recinded the offer.

    Is there any way to purchase NBW in the states?

    thank you


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