Britain will not lift a finger to defend any freedom

London is willing to surrender to violence even before it is offered

England has refused the request of Asia Bibi for asylum. Dalrymple writes:

If ever there were a person who needed and deserved asylum, it was she. Having spent eight years in prison under sentence of death for supposed blasphemy, her sentence was overturned by that country’s highest court; but howling mobs of nasty bearded fools have demanded that she be hanged nonetheless because she is a Christian who refuses to convert. The threats of the bearded fools are obviously to be taken seriously: they do not recognise any legal authority but their own.

Mob rule

Dalrymple notes that the reason given for London’s pusillanimous refusal is that

granting asylum to her might have offended the sensibilities of the Muslims in Britain and caused unrest among them.


is an implicit insult to those Muslims.

Theresa May: policy dictated to by howling mobs of nasty bearded fools

If unrest were to occur,

it should have been faced down.

The heartless whore that is the British State

There is, Dalrymple points out, an important principle at stake,

which is why the British government has failed the test with such spectacular cowardice. Its conduct in this matter has been far worse than was Chamberlain’s at Munich. Chamberlain was a decent man who was trying to avert a war, whose horrors he understood, for which his country was unprepared; the current British government has proved decisively once again that it will not lift a finger to defend any freedom and is willing to surrender to violence even before it is offered.

The decision, says Dalrymple,

fills me with disgust and a feeling of impotent rage.

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  • George Hill  On November 28, 2018 at 21:41

    TD is one of the wisest men in UK.
    But only a small percentage of
    the people know his brilliant work.
    That on itself tells a huge story.

  • Kim G  On November 30, 2018 at 12:50

    As an American who has long been a bit of an Anglophile, I have to say that watching your country turn into what it’s turning into is quite disturbing. From the ridiculous “Count Dankula” affair, to the coverups of the grooming gangs, to the treatment of Tommy Robinson, to the ridiculous number of law enforcement officers patrolling the web for offensive speech, you all seem to have completely lost the plot of liberty.

    Though there are similar trends occurring here, we fortunately have enumerated rights under the constitution, so at least the government is not so much the agent of repression. Of course we do have mega-corporations such as Google, Facebook, Apple, and lesser companies such as Twitter which are doing their best to repress free speech. Still, I think things are a mite better stateside.


    Kim G
    Redding, CA
    Where we’re not sure if we ever want to go back to the UK. Sad!

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