The opinion of the populace solicited and ignored

Britishers who wish to remain in the European Union are demanding a second referendum, dubbed a ‘people’s vote’, as if, writes Dalrymple,

the previous referendum had somehow excluded the people. By the word people, they mean, of course, the people who agree with them: the others are not truly of the people, they are enemies of the people.

It is not certain, though it is likely, that the remainers would win such a referendum. If they did not,

the whole situation would be once more up in the air; but if they did, Britain would join the lamentably long list of European countries in which the opinion of the population had been solicited and then ignored, either simpliciter or by means of calling another referendum to get the answer right according to the opinion of the bien pensant bureaucracy.

Dalrymple notes that if this were to happen,

one of the main aims of the European ‘idea’ or ‘project’ would have been fulfilled: the abolition of politics in favour of technocratic administration by a supposedly wide and solicitous, but certainly self-appointed and self-perpetuating, class of bureaucrat.

The legacy would be

a deep and bitter division in the British population, and increased tension in other countries in which support for the European Union is far from rock-solid.

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