May was made for the modern world

Colourless, humourless, talentless

Theresa May has probably never made a correct decision, but what is the purpose of a political career? If, writes Dalrymple,

it is to reach the top of the greasy pole, even for the briefest of periods, then Mrs May’s career has been a brilliant success, her incompetence as judged by every other criterion notwithstanding.


was made for the modern world: colourless, humourless, talentless. One could have predicted that she would go far.

Among the reasons, says Dalrymple,

that the world seems nowadays so full of mediocre people who achieve power at all levels without display of apparent ability (other than apparatchik careerist ruthlessness) is that we insist upon disinterested selection by supposed merit rather than by nepotism or personal connection, which is a far superior method of selecting outstanding or even merely competent people.

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