Any policy you want, so long as it is mine

The vision of the anointed

Dalrymple writes that Britain’s Liberal Democrat leader, Jo Swinson, might very well

emerge with the most Parliament members and go into coalition with the Scots nationalists, who would impose as a condition of their adhesion a second referendum on Scottish independence.

He points out that if the nationalists were to win such a referendum,

there would be no third.

As for Brexit, Swinson

has made it plain that she would respect the result of a second referendum only if it went in favour of remaining. There has probably never been a clearer expression of what Thomas Sowell calls ‘the vision of the anointed‘ — the supposition that one’s views are so beyond moral dispute that anyone with the temerity to dispute them must be a moral Neanderthal.

Dalrymple notes that Swinson’s statement, that she would do whatever it took to prevent Brexit, including ride roughshod over public opinion,

shows how Europeanised she is. She is young and probably representative of the educated persons of her class and generation, to say nothing of those yet younger. They apparently have no objection to authoritarian rule, provided it is their own.

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