Authoritarianism of so-called liberals

Screenshot 2020-01-25 at 15.59.09Why beholdest thou the authoritarianism that is in thy brother’s polity, but considerest not the authoritarianism that is in thine own polity?

Dalrymple writes that those who accuse Hungary and Poland of authoritarianism are not necessarily friends of freedom of choice themselves, except in respect of which restaurant to go to tonight.

I’m bored with Mexican, why not Moroccan? This is not necessarily a perfect model for society, or at least for all societies, as a whole.

He notes that

it is a common human trait to accuse others of the faults that one has oneself. In the case of authoritarianism, the accusation is easy, because there can be no complex modern society without the exercise of authority by someone. The question is whether that authority is exercised with both moderation and some kind of check or balance. For the former, an inner sense of limitation is necessary, and many so-called liberals do not have it.

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