Save the koala

Along with the wickedness of man, we must always remember his shallowness

Dalrymple likes to read online commentary by ordinary people, i.e. non-professional commentators. He notes that in the British commentary on the 2019–20 Australian bushfire season,

apart from outrage that Britain has done nothing to help Australia (by sending its rain, perhaps), sorrow for the half-billion wild animals killed in the fires is prominent. By wild animals, the commentators don’t mean flies and snakes, they mean koalas and kangaroos. No one says, ‘Pity the poor insects,’ though they are animals and number incalculably more than half a billion. No, it is the koalas that we worry about, stuck up their gum trees. At least the kangaroos have a chance of fleeing before the flames.

He says that if he were a betting man,

I should liquidate my assets and place the money in the shares of companies that make koala stuffed toys. I think there is about to be a worldwide boom in them.

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