Doctors just following orders

Superior orders

Befehl ist Befehl

Dalrymple points out that under Britain’s National Health Service, doctors

are becoming ever less members of a liberal profession and ever more executors of orders from on high.

They have

little leeway to consider whether these orders are good or bad in the individual case before them.

He notes that this is a problem in all systems in which a third party pays for patients’ treatment,

but it is acute in a highly centralised and dirigiste system such as the NHS, in which uniformity is the goal, even if it be uniformity of error.


it creates an atmosphere of technical, managerial and ethical conformity.

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  • DanielDarko131  On June 28, 2020 at 01:01

    Reading the headlines, they address issues that just make me sick, and this one of them…….and I do open my mouth and that of course that is the sign of an underlying mental illness….I hope not as we do not have a functioning mental health service here in Melbourne. Plenty of mental health issues and plenty of privatized mental health hub’s, all you need privatized health and to be fit and well so you can access help….. These doctors are not only unbelievably inept, they are\ insane., They charge up to 4 hundred dollars for first consultation and those with mental health issues are just so socially mobile and have money to burn, and the last thing these jerk-offs will consider in assessing patients is the insane society that breeds self loathing, insecurity, isolation.

    I live in Australia and changes are constantly made to admission criteria for hospital care that are clearly to preclude care. I complained to a triage nurse a few years back and she agreed….and is the only person I have come across with the gumption to state the obvious. You can go into emergency dying, and your blood test comes up as normal you will be sent home and told to visit your general practitioner for a referral. No one questions anything, they do as they are told, and if you complain, you are being unreasonable

    White people have completely lost their humanity

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