The near-impossibility of seeing a GP

Dalrymple, who is no doctor-botherer, says that getting to see a GP, or family doctor, in Great Britain’s sovietised health system is

difficult, intimidating and unpleasant. I have to run a gamut of procedures to do so, and face a receptionist who treats me as a fraud trying to get something to which I am not entitled. And I have no practitioner whom I can call my doctor. The NHS has crowded out private competition, and the nearest private doctor is 25 miles away.

If Dalrymple wants to see a doctor,

it is easier, quicker and more pleasant for me to go to France than to the health centre 300 yards from my house in England.

It reveals something about Britain that is not true in France:

In our dealings with the National Health Service, we are a nation of paupers who must accept what we are given by grace and favour of the system.

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