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The crassness of Mukesh Ambani

Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 09.02.58Extreme wealth, writes Dalrymple,

whether honestly or dishonestly acquired, seems these days to bring forth little new except in the form and genre of vulgarity.

Mr Ambani’s skyscraper tower home in Bombay

is a case in point. His æsthetic is that of the first-class executive lounge of an airport.

The vulgarity of Mukesh Ambani

ambaniOne of the functions of the rich, says Dalrymple, ought to be to

preserve and increase the beauty of the world.

Yet many wealthy people, he points out, are

tactless, offensive, vulgar, and tasteless.

They very often

have no better taste than the poor.

Take the business mogul Mukesh Ambani and the 27-floor structure he calls home. Known as Antilia, it is a version of Xanadu, though a thousand times uglier than the mansion in the Welles film. Dalrymple writes:

Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 09.01.44When Mr. Ambani built his domestic skyscraper in Bombay I was appalled not by the expenditure (though I had walked through the slums of that city) but by the æsthetic worthlessness of what he had built.

To spend a billion dollars on a house and

to detract, slightly, from the beauty of the world is, in a way, an achievement.

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