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More victim than thou


The one-drop rule

If, writes Dalrymple, Elizabeth Warren could prove that at some time in the past, however distant, one of her ancestors belonged to what the people of Hindustan—the real experts in human classification, having had millennia of practice at it—call the ‘scheduled castes’,

some extra moral authority would be added unto her.

There’s no racist as fanatical as an anti-racist

It demonstrates, Dalrymple says, how racialised liberal thinking—liberal in the US, not in the classical, sense—has remained in America. He observes that

once you start down the road of equality of outcome as the measure of justice, rather than equality under the law, you start dividing humans into groups, and one of the most obvious ways to do so is race. So, having spent years denying that there is any objective reality to racial classifications, liberals start sifting people into racial categories with an obsessiveness that puts South African policemen under the old régime to shame.

Race, among other classifications,

becomes a lens through which the whole of social life is examined.

Es gibt keinen besseren Rassisten als den Antirassisten

Der Antirassis, sagt Dalrymple,

ist nämlich regelrecht rasseversessen, obwohl er leugnet, dass es so etwas wie Rasse überhaupt gibt. Er sieht die Welt durch eine rassegetönte Brille. Er interpretiert jedes Vorkommnis und jedes soziale Phänomen implizit oder explizit als eine Ausgeburt des Rassismus.

Screen Shot 2016-03-05 at 06.39.58

Entrepreneurs of outrage

Screen Shot 2015-12-20 at 09.11.43Dalrymple points out that the obtuseness of outrage entrepreneurs is of course deliberate, motivated by their desire to ‘maintain their rage’. The will to outrage is very gratifying, he writes, and

precedes any object to which it might attach. Many people wait in ambush for something to feel angry about, pouncing on it with leopard-like joy (the leopard kills for pleasure and not only for food).

Outrage supposedly felt on behalf of others

  • Screen Shot 2015-12-20 at 09.12.18has the appearance of selflessness, and everyone likes to feel that he is selfless
  • confers moral respectability on the desire to hate or despise something or somebody, a desire never far from the human heart
  • provides him who feels it the possibility of transcendent purpose, if he decides to work towards the elimination of the supposed cause of his outrage
  • Screen Shot 2015-12-20 at 09.16.54may give him a reasonably lucrative career, if he becomes a professional campaigner or politician, for there is nothing like stirring up resentment for the creation of a political clientele.

The perfect cause, says Dalrymple, for those with free-floating outrage is anti-racism, because it puts them

automatically on the side of the angels without any need personally to sacrifice anything. You have only to accuse others of it to feel virtuous yourself. There is no defence against the accusation: the very attempt at a defence demonstrates the truth of it. It can be wielded against anybody who opposes your views. It reduces them to silence.

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