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Whan the assassin is assassinated

Dalrymple is struck by the beautiful layout of L’Assassiné assassiné, the 1933 edition of a crime novel by Stanislas-André Steeman. (The novel was reissued in 1944 under the title Le Trajet de la foudre.)


Perpetual US presidential race

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Dalrymple writes that the more firmly politicians believe in their heavenly mandate,

the more the political class is divided from the sacred people from whom that mandate allegedly derives. Increasingly many of the potential candidates in the perpetual American presidential race are close relatives of previous candidates or of high-flying politicians.

Many a monarch and even dictator

has been more physically accessible to the populace than modern democratic politicians, suggesting a deficiency of real rather than assumed or theoretical legitimacy. Democracy in the modern sense encourages monomania in the population, in which every citizen is viewed as, and many actually become, a potential assassin, from whom the democratic politician must be protected like gold in vaults.