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At least benefit scroungers are alive

The pleasure of being nasty to neighbours through the State’s mediation

Dalrymple is not much in favour of public denunciations, especially in a situation in which they are easily made. He reminds us that in France and Germany under Nazi rule,

millions of people denounced one another with a variety of unpleasant or downright evil motives.

He notes that one idea of the incompetent British government is to

encourage people to denounce those whom they know to be cheating the social security system, for example working while claiming unemployment benefits. The poster promises anonymity to the informer.

However, as Dalrymple points out, the fact is that the British benefits system

is tailor-made for fraud, and in my experience people who defraud it rather than merely accept its cold comforts passively save their sanity thereby.

At least they show that they are alive;

they have initiative and are even entrepreneurs of a kind, in an environment in which practically all genuine entrepreneurialism—for example, by selling on a small scale—is closed to them by regulation.

In England,

if you set up a stall in the street to sell something, you will be apprehended quicker than if you rob your neighbour.

Rotten, skiving Britain

img_3044Dalrymple answers your questions on the land of scroungers

How many of the English are pretending to be ill in order to be able to live on handouts?

In Britain we have the remarkable situation where we have more invalids than after the First World War: 3m, of whom 2m could probably work.

Rewards for, to put it most kindly, the workshy. Is that not a scandal?

It is a fraud on a large scale: deeply corrupting of the recipients, who wrongly believe they are sick; the government, which shifts people out of the unemployment statistics; and the medical profession.

Aren’t the UK Tories capping working-age welfare payments at £500 per family regardless of the number of children?

It won’t work. A little bit of drug-trafficking here and illegal activity there will make up for the cuts.

Incentives to be a cheat and a slob

Why is nothing done about it? Is this wilful blindness?

The entrepreneurial parasitism of benefit recipients is not recognised by naïve bureaucrats. The recipients know how to manipulate things to get the maximum benefit; they are reacting to incentives.

Why are there so few White Britons in basic service jobs?

Culture, the welfare system and rigidities in the housing market are to blame.

Employers greatly prefer, for example, Poles, do they not?

Poles are better than the English in a work ethic sense, and they often speak better English.

Drug addicts

Do you have any time for libertarian arguments on drug legalisation?

John Stuart Mill (who ­argued that individuals should be free to harm themselves but not others) thought that fathers who abandoned their children should be put to forced labour. You don’t hear that bit quoted much by legalisation advocates.

Fifth-rate intellectuals

Who is responsible for the British mess?

Most of the blame for the social dysfunction lies with our intellectual class, who revel in this behaviour.

Familial disintegration 

To what extent do women bear some of the blame for domestic violence?

Men who commit violence against women should, of course, be put in prison, but the idea that women are playing no part in this is wrong.

Avian jihad

Anjem Choudary: 'the normal situation is for you to take money from the kuffar. So we take Jihadseeker's allowance'

Anjem Choudary: ‘the normal situation is for you to take money from the kuffar. So we take jihadseeker’s allowance’

As chilling as any horror story

Dalrymple points out that Muslim clerical fanatics in England

receive social security payments even as they call for the destruction of the society that pays them.

In this, he notes, they resemble the honeyguide or jihadi-bird, which

lays its egg in a nest of bee-eaters [kafir-birds], which are in a tunnel underground.

The kuffar do not see what is going on, and feed them

Killer chick: ‘grabs a host chick using its bill tip, then repeatedly bites and shakes its victim for up to four minutes at a time’

Killer honeyguide jihadi-chick: its bites lead to haemorrhaging; bee-eater [kafir] chick victims can take up to seven hours to die

Dalrymple quotes from a book by the naturalist Nick Davies:

The honeyguide [jihadi-chick] grabs a host chick using its bill tip, then repeatedly bites and shakes its victim for up to four minutes at a time. The bites rarely cause open wounds, but lead to haemorrhaging under the skin and heavy bruising. From the time of the first attack, they take from nine minutes to seven hours to die.

Because of the darkness, Dalrymple explains, the bee-eaters or kafir-birds

do not see what is going on, and feed the honeyguide chick even as it is killing the bee-eater chicks.

(a) Hatching lesser honeyguide, showing fully developed bill hooks; (b) greater honeyguide chick with three recently killed little bee-eater hatchlings; (c) biting human hand; (d) biting unhatched swallow-tailed bee-eater egg; (e) aged about 8 days.

Angry jihadi-bird: (a) Hatching, showing fully-developed bill hooks; (b) with three little bee-eater kuffar hatchlings it has killed; (c) biting the hand that feeds it; (d) biting unhatched swallow-tailed bee-eater [kafir] egg; (e) aged about eight days


Jheronimus Bosch, Tuin der lusten (detail), between 1490 and 1510. Museo del Prado, Madrid

Jheronimus Bosch, Tuin der lusten (detail). Between 1490 and 1510. Museo del Prado, Madrid

Lust is a nearly universal human experience, Dalrymple points out. What is new, he notes, is

the loss of awareness of its status as a cardinal sin and of the disastrous consequences likely to follow when it becomes the principal guide of action.

Some must live in a world

in which, thanks to state support, there is little other guide in this important area of life—or none more important.