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The superiority of Air France over British Airways

Dalrymple will not go into

the rights and wrongs of the managers’ decision to make 2,900 employees of Air France redundant, and whether such a decision was in effect forced on the managers by

  • the financial situation of the company
  • the intransigence of the staff who militated against any kind of change in their very comfortable billets
  • the excessive social charges that the French state imposes upon all employers in France
  • the subsidies received by some its main competitors

He will not go into the matter because he admits to

a weakness for Air France: I find its service agreeable by comparison with, say, that of British Airways, which is as lumpen as the nation of which it is the principal carrier, even though Air France is strike-prone and such a strike once left me stranded in Port-au-Prince. I did not mind this very much, for it allowed me to make the acquaintance of the eminent German author of books about Haiti, Hans Christoph Buch.

Best Avoided

Screen Shot 2015-10-14 at 07.17.30An ignorantly contented, bone-headed airline

BA, or Brutish Airways, also known as Bad Attitude and British Scareways, is, Dalrymple points out,

as lumpen as the nation of which it is the principal carrier.

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