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Postcards from Dalrympleland

Britain: home to the world’s most charmless people

Dalrymple on his country’s parlous state

  • Screen Shot 2013-04-21 at 02.14.39Creeping Sovietisation

Large areas…resemble the Soviet Union with takeaway pizza. The only ‘private’ enterprise consists of retail chains that recycle government subventions to the unemployed. The middle class…is composed…of public employees…who cater to the…problems created by mass unemployment.

  • Circumambient criminality

At the start of the [deutero-Elizabethan age], Britain was one of the best-ordered societies in…Europe. Now…it is…the most crime-ridden….social disorder is everywhere….A curfew has been imposed on old people by the drunken disorder that appals and disgusts foreigners.

  • Screen Shot 2013-04-21 at 16.16.18Pervasive squalor

The…ugliness perpetrated…everywhere [by post-war architects] has been…matched by an ugliness of soul and society that is so obvious to visitors.

  • Fraudulence at every level
Screen Shot 2013-04-21 at 22.39.05

Seth Pecksniff

The country has become deeply corrupt, but in a…British way, that is, hypocritical and underhand rather than worldly and cynical, Pecksniff rather than Talleyrand. Corruption and irresponsibility…have been legalised: £12bn, for example, has disappeared (except for some…consultants) on a…scheme to provide…uniform medical records….No crime has been committed, but the money has gone.

  • Cock-eyed, increasingly useless policing

Screen Shot 2013-04-21 at 16.20.44Our police, once a model to the world…resemble an alien occupying army…festooned with…the apparatus of repression, who inspire fear…in the innocent and are bullying yet ineffectual.

  • Institutionalised idleness

2.9 million people claiming to be so ill that they could not work….the British benefits system performed the miracle of causing more invalids than World War I….policy has been to suck in large amounts of unskilled foreign labour while maintaining high…indigenous unemployment.

  • Economic collapse

Economically on a knife-edge….per capita private debt among the highest….huge commercial deficit….budget deficit among the highest.

  • Gracelessness and sordor

    Screen Shot 2013-04-21 at 16.25.27

    Fuck off!

Many grow up into profoundly unsocial beings of whom others are afraid. A population has emerged that is the most charmless in the world.

Britain back to square one

Dalrymple observes that

one person in a democracy…cannot singlehandedly change a nation. We in Britain are firmly back to square one, with a public sector proportionately larger than when [Margaret Thatcher] came to power 34 years ago.

Thatcher left no scratch on the British state

By every measure, the public sector looms larger in Britain today than it did in 1979. Dalrymple puts it this way: Margaret Thatcher found the public sector inefficient

and left it inefficient and corrupt.

Her strident rhetoric against the state

disguised the fact that under her…the…state remained as preponderant…as ever…Government expenditure…increased, above all in areas such as social security.