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England’s barbaric young people

Friday afternoon. Things get altogether livelier at nightfall

Friday afternoon. Things will have become altogether livelier by nightfall

The youth of Britain, writes Dalrymple, is

among the world’s most unpleasant and potentially violent.

Of course, not all young Britons

are unattractive in appearance and conduct — only a far higher proportion of them than of the young of any other nation. It requires but an overnight stay on a Friday or Saturday in any British city to prove it.

Visiting Russians, for example,

are appalled by what they witness.

The characteristics that are common to all classes of Britons are

  • arrogance
  • a sense of entitlement
  • an unwillingness to moderate behaviour for the convenience of others

The main difference between the classes is that

the rich can pay for what they feel entitled to, while the poor have to wheedle, cajole, swindle and steal it. But the inflamed sense of entitlement is the same.

Radically unemployable British youth

Dalrymple writes that the British élite, characterised as it is by long-term intellectual torpor, moral cowardice, incompetence and careerist opportunism, somehow manages

not to notice what has long been apparent to anyone who has taken a short walk with his eyes open down any frequented British street: that a considerable proportion of the country’s young population is ugly, aggressive, vicious, badly educated, uncouth and criminally inclined.

British youth,

while it is lacking in self-respect, is full of self-esteem: it believes itself entitled to a high standard of living, and other things, without any effort on its part.

Dalrymple points out that although youth unemployment in Britain is very high, about 20 per cent of those aged under 25, the country has had to import young foreign labour for a long time, even for unskilled work in the service sector.

No sensible employer in a service industry would choose a young Briton if he could have a young Pole; the young Pole is not only likely to have a good work ethic and refined manners, he is likely to be able to add up and — most humiliating of all — to speak better English than the Briton.


compulsory education (or intermittent attendance at school) up to the age of 16 costing $80,000 a head, about one-quarter of British children cannot read with facility or do simple arithmetic. It makes you proud to be a British taxpayer.


Screen Shot 2016-01-02 at 11.00.07The philosophy of fuck

Dalrymple writes:

My brother once worked on a roadbuilding site. An Irish foreman, looking at a machine that had just broken down, said, ‘Ah, the focking focker’s focking focked’, which for some reason that I cannot fully explain was not vulgar or offensive at all, but funny and expressive.

Anthony Burgess has the same story, with an army mechanic taking the place of the roadbuilding foreman:

I once heard an army motor mechanic complain of his recalcitrant engine by crying ‘Fuck it, the fucking fucker’s fucking fucked.’ There you have the word used as five distinct parts of speech.

Why the most pleasurable activity known to mankind, and the organs by which it is procured, should be debased through the use of the basic, or quadriliteral, terms as expressions of opprobrium has never been adequately explained.

Fucking, it is true, can be used as a neutral intensifier in fucking good and fucking stupid, but to be fucked or participate in a state of fuckup or a snafu (‘situation normal: all fucked up’) is to be in a state of distress.Screen Shot 2016-01-02 at 13.29.26 To be called a prick (though never a penis), a cunt or a twat is not pleasant. There is perhaps a fundamental puritanism in such usages, a denial of the holiness of sexual pleasure, which, of course, explains the taboo.

Words like fuck, cunt, shit, piss are not slang; they are ancient words long buried by a social decorum not so mindlessly repressive as our permissive age seems to think. Some seem to believe that there was once a sort of golden age in which no figleaf was imposed on language, but squeamishness about these four words, and others with sexual or excretory referents, goes back a long way. Shakespeare undoubtedly knew fuck and probably used it in everyday speech, but the word is not to be found in his plays or poems. Samuel Johnson once said that the two most important activities in life were ‘fucking and drinking’, but never in print. To call fuck and cunt good old Anglo-Saxon words which later propriety has expunged from the language is to ignore the total lack of documentary evidence.



— from the chapter ‘Low-life language’ in A Mouthful of Air (1992)

Dalrymple establishes — for the benefit of a prisoner-patient — his knowledge of the usage of the word fuck, its cognates and declensions, with the following example:

Here are some fucking pills. Now fuck off and take two of the fuckers every four fucking hours. And if they don’t fucking work, come the fuck back and I’ll give you some other fuckers.

Screen Shot 2016-01-02 at 13.23.05Dalrymple observes that

if you prohibited the use of the word fuck you would reduce half of British youth to silence, an eventuality that would increase marginally the average cultural level of the world’s population.

Fuck, says Dalrymple, is

a philosophy, or at least an attitude to life.

Drunken retching as self-realisation

Screen Shot 2015-07-03 at 08.15.24The British, Dalrymple points out, are

despised throughout the world wherever they congregate in any numbers.

In any English town on any night of the week you will see

scenes of charmless vulgarity, in which thousands of scantily clad, lumpen sluts scream drunkenly, and men vomit proudly in the gutters.

It has been suggested that the English might be able to develop civilised Mediterranean café culture. Dalrymple remarks:

You might as well preach the comforts of the igloo and the tastiness of whale blubber to the Maasai.

Much of the British population believes

not only that it has no duty to control itself, but that it is harmful to try to do so. It believes that screaming, smashing bottles, vomiting, urinating against walls in full view of others, swaying drunkenly in the gutter, and hailing strangers to give them lifts, are essential to its health and emotional wellbeing, that drinking in this fashion is Aristotelian catharsis.

For the English,

there can be no higher accolade for a night out than that no trace of it remains in the brain. ‘Getting wasted’ and then behaving antisocially before passing out is the pinnacle of social life.

Just as the British government is so corrupt that it does not know that it is corrupt, so the British people

are so lacking in self-respect that they do not know that self-respect is desirable.

In England, drunkenness

to the point of brutish amnesia is regarded as admirable, a high achievement.

Britons who hate and repudiate civilisation

Screen Shot 2015-04-04 at 13.58.15British incivility has a militant or ideological edge

Increasingly, writes Dalrymple, the English

are a people who know neither inner nor outer restraint. They turn to aggression, if not to violence, the moment they are thwarted, even in trifles.

And with an increasingly corrupt police force and judiciary, those who are neither aggressive nor violent

are by no means sure that the law will take their side in the event of a fracas.

Surveys have shown that half of the population wants to leave the country,

Screen Shot 2015-04-04 at 13.57.29to flee the other half.

The British are not only violent. They are filthy.

The British are by far the dirtiest people in the Western world, a sign of their unsocial mindset.

The paralysis of the public administration

induces a state of despair in the more civilised half of the population. Practically no behaviour is beyond the pale for the British state.

Screen Shot 2015-04-04 at 14.17.03The freedom to behave badly

is almost the only freedom valued by, or left to, young Britons.

Is it any surprise that so many are desperate to emigrate? The people who want to flee Britain

The flight from barbarism The flight from barbarism

are not economic migrants. It is not high taxes that they object to (many want to move to France, where taxes are not low), but barbarism.

The emigrants

are cultural refugees in search of a more civilised homeland, where fewer people are uncouth or militantly vulgar.

How a university library is periodically cleansed

Screen Shot 2014-07-24 at 12.07.30Dalrymple’s copy of the book pictured at right was deaccessioned from a university library. The librarian

took advantage of the fact that it had not been borrowed since October 17, 1977, only four years after its publication, to disembarrass his institution of yet another book so uselessly cluttering up the library shelves. It was carefully endorsed with ugly withdrawal stamps to reduce its resale value to an absolute minimum.

The librarian may have been a follower of Ayn Rand,

who did not want youth corrupted by stray thoughts of altruism. Going from the loan history of the book (and from my casual observations of British youth), there was never much danger of this.