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Enfeebled England

Sinking further into moral squalor

Why is Britain so lacking in moral confidence? (In this, it is only the worst case of a malaise in the West.) Dalrymple points to the expansion of tertiary education, especially in non-technical subjects. He notes that large numbers of people

have been educated in injustice and grievance studies, which have had for their effect the dissolution of a sense of human beings as agents rather than victimised vectors of forces.

If murderers and other violent criminals behave in the way that they do,

it must be (sociology, psychology, and criminology teach) because of social forces beyond their control. Hence it is unjust to inflict punishment upon them. Punishment can only be justified where a man is a free agent and could have done otherwise; since he is never a free agent and could never have done otherwise, punishment is never justified. Millions now believe this.

Pusillanimity in the face of violent crime

England’s barbaric young people

Friday afternoon. Things get altogether livelier at nightfall

Friday afternoon. Things will have become altogether livelier by nightfall

The youth of Britain, writes Dalrymple, is

among the world’s most unpleasant and potentially violent.

Of course, not all young Britons

are unattractive in appearance and conduct — only a far higher proportion of them than of the young of any other nation. It requires but an overnight stay on a Friday or Saturday in any British city to prove it.

Visiting Russians, for example,

are appalled by what they witness.

The characteristics that are common to all classes of Britons are

  • arrogance
  • a sense of entitlement
  • an unwillingness to moderate behaviour for the convenience of others

The main difference between the classes is that

the rich can pay for what they feel entitled to, while the poor have to wheedle, cajole, swindle and steal it. But the inflamed sense of entitlement is the same.