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Radical anti-racism

It represents an employment opportunity, writes Dalrymple,

for bureaucrats of limited ability.

It has also persuaded many young men of Jamaican descent that

when someone asks them at three in the morning to turn their music down, or upbraids them in any other way or circumstances, he is motivated by racism. This is convenient for the young men, who are enabled to behave badly while convinced of their moral superiority based on permanent, insuperable and existential victimhood; it is also convenient for the anti-racist bureaucracy, who assure themselves of ‘work’, that is to say a salary.

But Dalrymple points out that the Jamaicans

are not a race, and their conduct is in marked contrast (at least in my experience) with that of West Africans — and even West Indians who come from other islands.

Racism today, he notes,

is of the subtle kind that requires a specialist armed with an anti-racist Malleus Maleficarum to detect.